Tax Preparation & E-Filing: Current Year

Basic Package

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Our Basic Package Includes:
  • Unlimited support via email, phone, and live chat
  • No limit on W2 forms
  • Income from unemployment
  • Income from interest & dividends

Deluxe Package

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In addition to the features of the Basic Package, the Deluxe Package covers:
  • Above the Line Deductions
    (e.g. Alimony, Moving Expenses, Student Loan Interest, Teaching Expenses, etc. )
  • Itemized Deductions
  • Dependent and Child Tax Credits
  • Earned Income Credit
  • Education Expenses
  • Retirement Income

Premier Package

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In addition to the features of the Basic and Deluxe Packages, the Premier Package supports:
  • Alternative Minimum Tax
  • Business Income
  • Stocks & Capital Gains
  • Rental Income

Platinum Package

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In addition to the features of the Premier and Deluxe Packages, the Platinum Package supports:
  • Income from S-Corporations an LLCs
  • Income from Partnerships and Trusts

Additional Service Options

State Tax Return

Our Tax Application enables the filing of single or multiple State Tax Returns.
State tax refunds are sent directly by the state; the Fee from Refund option is not available with state only tax returns. *$39.99 for State Only tax returns, or additional state returns which are not your home state.

Amended Tax Returns for RapidRefund Customers

RapidRefund customers who need to file an amended return to correct an error can do so provided they filed the original tax return with RapidRefund. The fee applies whether the amended return is only for a federal tax return, a state tax return, or for both.
Please note: an amended tax return cannot be e-filed. It must be downloaded, printed, signed, and mailed to the IRS or state authority.

CPA Tax Review

Our certified public accountant will address your individual tax situation during a personalized consultation, paying precise attention to the deductions & credits you may claim to boost your tax refund.

Tax Pro Certification

One of our tax professionals will review your tax return for accuracy and help to avoid any error or oversight that can lead to an IRS audit. You will need to provide all necessary documentation in order for one of our tax specialists to sign and certify your return. They will check for available deductions and credits to claim that may increase your refund.

Our Tax Professional Certification includes direct correspondence and, if required, a personal phone consultation with a senior member of our tax support team.

If you also decide to choose the CPA review, you will be given an automatic $30 discount at checkout.

Professional Review

A tax professional trained in the rules of tax accounting will personally review your tax return for errors.

Professional Bound File Copies

Within 3 weeks after the IRS accepts your return, you will receive a professionally bound file copy of your tax return.

3 Year Long Term Safeguarding

We will ensure that your tax record is safe with us for as long as the IRS requires you to keep your tax return.

3 Year Audit Defense

In the regrettable instance of an IRS audit, we will serve as your representative to the Examination Division of the IRS. Most audits happen after 1 year and the statute of limitations is 3 years. Our audit protection offers you peace of mind.

Additional Service Package

Start for Free $54.95
In addition to the features of the Basic and Deluxe Packages, the Premier Package supports:
  • Professional Review
  • Professionally Bound File Copies
  • 3 Year Long Term Safeguarding
  • 3 Year Audit Protection