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Tax Return Preparation: Professional Service at Every Step

RapidRefund.net is a self-preparation tax return software owned and operated by Innosoft, Inc (dba Rapid Tax & Financial Services). We are a dynamic team of income tax preparation experts who are dedicated to providing a first-class service at a reasonable price. We offer the most user-friendly self-preparation tax software in the online industry. Please visit our knowledgebase for a complete list of forms we support. Based on very simple questions, our state of the art application goes deep into the complicated structure of the IRS tax code and figures out your maximum refund, without having to consult tax preparers.

Our tax preparation competitors expect you to read and understand complicated tax jargon to figure out the maximum deductions yourself. Other companies offer simpler tax preparation services, but aren't as complete so you'll miss great deductions and credits a better tax preparer would spot. Don't settle for low-quality free tax preparation services! Our innovative algorithm is able to figure out the maximum deductions based on answers to a very simple set of questions. This way, can we offer a fast, cost effective, and (most importantly) complete tax preparation service.

We have customer service options for every step you take to finish your self-prepared income tax return and get the refund you deserve. Our team is trained to handle your tax preparation question and is available to assist you every step of the way. We provide you with FREE Live Chat so that you can get real time assistance as you are online, filling out your taxes. We additionally have e-mail support for any other questions you may have.

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This saved me so much time. I have three babies to look after and my taxes slipped my mind. Thank you so much!
East Pittsburgh, PA
This was so helpful! I am so pleased that I was able to file my federal return for free! I didn’t even have to print anything out and mail it!
Durham, NC
Awesome! I used the free live help twice during my filing and both times the customer service rep was very knowledgeable and helpful...and timely!
Slidell, LA